The Bowen Institute

licensed by Bowtech®, provides training in the Bowen technique


Over the 14 days of training with Derek Murphy, N.D., a licensed Bowtech® Instructor of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia, you will learn a comprehensive health system that will enable you to aid in the recovery of a large range of internal and musculoskeletal conditions. You will learn the Basic Body Balancing Procedures that are at the core of the technique followed by concise procedures for specific complaints.

The modular system consists of 7 two-day modules. This takes you from the introductory level through to your accreditation at the pace you want to learn. The modular system offers the student adequate time to digest the material presented so they gain thorough understanding with practical experience. Ossie and Elaine are confident that this is the best way of transposing Mr. Bowen’s work to each student.


The Bowtech teaching approach meets 5 different goals:

  • Demonstration of the procedures is given through a detailed hands-on application, in-depth descriptions of anatomical and physiological landmarks, anatomical and physiological considerations and a detailed notebook with descriptions and diagrams.
  • Hands-on practice of the procedures forms the bulk of the seminars with supervision of the procedures by the Instructor.
  • Review for both hands-on procedures and verbal understanding in order to insure students are comfortable with their application on leaving the course.
  • Detailed instructor feedback during each practice session will give every student a personal assessment of their work by the end of each module.
  • Q & A time is devoted to procedures practiced since the first module. Problems or concerns are discussed concerning the physical application of procedures and where potential practitioner ineffectiveness may occur.


Accreditation as a practitioner requires passing the Module 7 assessment and submitting proof of three additional requirements:

  • A recognized qualification in Anatomy and Physiology (100-120 hours)
  • Current CPR certificate
  • Business education or related experience (20 hours)


All instructors of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia throughout the world have been vetted and handpicked by the Rentschs for their commitment, reliability, and loyalty to present Mr. Bowen’s work in its original, unchanged form. This is why there are presently specific licensed Bowtech Instructors in Canada.

Ossie and Elaine strongly believe that to gain a full understanding of Mr. Bowen’s work it is vital to understand his philosophy on the treatment of the client. Academy instructors have spent many hours with them in order to deepen their understanding of Mr. Bowen’s wonderful technique. They are therefore well placed to pass that understanding on to you.