of the Bowen Technique


Mr. Tom Bowen developed the manipulative therapy known as the Bowen Technique in Geelong, Victoria, Australia. After serving in World War II, Mr. Bowen became interested in ways of alleviating human suffering. He noticed that when he made certain moves on the body, it had particular effects. Mr. Bowen developed the technique without any training in the health care field: he claimed that the work was simply a gift from God. He developed the system as it is today.

In 1974, Mr. Bowen invited Mr. Oswald Rentsch and his wife Elaine to study with him for the next two and a half years. Mr. Bowen had no notes, charts, or manuals at the time but under his guidance, the Rentschs observed and documented his technique which was subsequently verified by as a true representation of the original technique.


By agreement, the Rentschs did not start to teach the technique until after Mr. Bowen died. The first seminar was in 1986 in Perth, Australia. Four years later the Rentschs were teaching full time in Australia, New Zealand, North America, the United Kingdom, and the European Community. Dedicated to preserving the technique and ensuring it was taught in its original form, the Rentschs founded the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia in 1987 naming the technique Bowtech® – the Bowen Technique.